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Your therapy, suited to you.


Your first contact will be an Assessment Session, lasting approximately 45 minutes.  This gives us a chance to chat about why you are seeking therapy, and I can give you an idea of what I think could be some possible ways forward.  This session costs £25, and there is no obligation to continue once this session is complete.


If you choose to continue, I will usually offer you an initial series of six sessions.  This is a good number in which to see whether an approach is working well, or whether it might be a good idea to try something different.  Each person is different, so the key is having a flexible approach, but I will discuss any adaptations or new approaches with you at all stages of therapy.  You will never be under obligation to continue with therapy if you feel you would rather not.


Sessions cost £50 for one hour.  Sessions usually take place weekly, but other options can be discussed at assessment.  Home visits are available in some circumstances.


If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me at the number or email address above.

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Sarah Royle Counselling & Psychotherapy        call:  07530 875696        email:


what can I expect?


I am an Integrative Therapist.


This means that I am trained and experienced in a number of different forms of therapy, which

allows me to tailor the process to the individual needs of each client.


I offer Person-Centred Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Psychodynamic Therapy and

Creative Therapies.  I usually use a bespoke combination of these, with the client's agreement.

I have a special interest in working with people

who are exploring their neurodiversity.


Therapy can be incredibly difficult.


This is because it involves looking at difficult

subjects in depth.


But it can also be be incredibly rewarding.


People who fully engage with therapy often

count it amongst the most valuable experien-

ces in their lives.  I can help you to address a

number of issues, including (but not restricted




         Anxiety            Depression           Stress


   Bereavement          Anger          Neurodiversity          


   Sexuality        Gender Identity        Low Self-esteem


I am a registered member of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy, and abide by their Ethical Framework.


I hold a current DBS Certificate, and am in ongoing, regular clinical supervision.


I am fully insured to practice as a therapist and supervisor.

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