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promoting staff wellbeing

What is Supervision?


Supervision is an established mechanism within the psychotherapeutic world, which all practitioners are required to engage in regularly. However, in recent years, it has been recognised that other professions, especially high-pressure ones, also benefit from this kind of input. What I offer is a support mechanism that is separate from Line Management, and independent of the school.


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Schools Work


I offer a range of services to promote staff wellbeing within schools.


My work with schools has been successful in reducing staff absence by fostering a focus on wellbeing, and providing clear pathways for staff to access support. I offer ongoing supervision to those with line management responsibility, as well as those whose roles may take an emotional toll, such as those within Safeguarding. I also, with a small team, offer individual counselling.


I am a registered member of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy, and abide by their Ethical Framework.


I hold a current DBS Certificate, and am in ongoing, regular clinical supervision.


I am fully insured to practice as a therapist and supervisor.


How is counselling different?


Counselling is provided to any staff member following a referral from the school. All schools are different in their preferences, and in the resources they have available, so individual arrangements are made with each school. A series of sessions is offered following an assessment, and I work with a small team of counsellors so people can choose the one they feel fits them best. The cost is the same regardless of the counsellor chosen.

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